Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For the sake of updating

Since, I have been super busy after my vacation,I don't even have time to update my blog. So.... here's a few pics just for the sake of updating.

I think that place is called Zokhawsang,the view is lovely.

And thats chhangban,paratha,sawhchiar and thingpui sen Mizo style. Second hand zawrhna hnung ami ngei, its a must to go there and have those.
Hehe...... Mizo star .......I actually like this guy,met him at a friend's wedding.

My nephew and nieces with their Dad ...
Just look and see what caught my attention lol.
Family picnic (thats my mom between my legs..... if u r wondering lmao)
Mapuia another Mizo milar,funny guy.
Rose garden with family and friends.
Tattoos.... a guy with a butterfly tattoo,ain't that sweet?? (PS: Don't get drunk in my house)
Another tattoos,if u want one...... all you have to do is pass out.
Victoria memorial ,Kolkata....its so hot and humid there,i don't think i wanna go there again.
The family...... I miss you guys

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

9A Kodak moments -II (uncensored)

Savour the moment while you can,you will not get closer than this and definitely not this close again!!!!

Right after he got a call from some country singer....(awmngaihna hrelo an tih ang hi). The chengkawlbial editor.

Yea,we dance.... we sing..... we learn....we work .... here at 9A. And we are serious in what we do. :P

Some of our members can even do strip tease.... not gonna tell names here ..hehehe

Sunday, March 23, 2008

9A kodak moments

I know everyone's gonna curse me for posting these pictures, but what can i say??? lol ... at least i don't photoshop them.

One hot summer day............(if u want u can tell me what to write here :D )

9A studio..... before we lost it..... full of fond memories.

The eating machine of 9A

They like to sit on all the bikes parked in the colony.

Yea...when its hot,ur face can get distorted like this.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


found this blog somewhere,its really touching...

when u miss & love someone you will go thru everything that needs to be gone thru...just to keep this special person in your life. you will experience pain, tears, lust, hurt, a broken heart, u will feel that if u ever lose him/her you will not want to live anymore, before they walk out of your life you will rather take their steps so you can always step back to them, you cant imagine a world without this person, u cant trust anyone but yourself, you will do anything in order to have this person forever in your heart, you will cry yourself to sleep when you’ve been hurt, you’ll miss them all the time, you never stop smiling when u are with them, you’ll always remember that first and last kiss, you’ll dream of them close to u and wake up crying thinking that the dream was real, you’ll have butterflies in your tummy every time you think of them, you’ll have to lie just in case you lose them, you’ll always picture there smile and put it in a frame, you’ll weep for them if they feel pain, you’ll keep every moment with them in your heart so they will always b with you, you’ll do everything for them, you’ll die for them, you’ll live for them, SO REALLY ITS NOT WHO YOU LOVE ITS HOW TO LOVE...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cute babies

Just sharing some of the very cute pics i took. :)

Anton,the cutest baby i've ever seen.He is my friend's son.Feels like grabbing him and biting him and cuddling him at the same time.

One Korean baby,she keeps grabbing my phone and posing for a pic,she is a cute one.Unfortunately,we don't understand each other's language.But,i still find her so darn cute.

This little lady is not so cute but her parents dress her up so well and she poses like a model.That makes her cute.

This little baby's name is Anania,she is our neighbour's daughter.I think she will learn Mizo oneday,she calls out to me in her baby language whenever she sees me.She is the only baby around here so we really adore her,small and cute. :P

And this little young man is cute,he talks to everyone and he is a bit chubby,tried carrying him around but can't manage to do so for more than 1 min.But,i think he is the cutest mizo boy i've ever met.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello New Year........

Just for the sake of updating....... lol.... can't believe i've been that busy even to update my small world.OK, here's what i've been doing,after the great fall(i really did fall in the parking lot,spoiling my brand new boots and the cement peeling off my new stockings and a scary bit of the skin on my knees) i had on new years eve before i started on the wines and believe me,i haven't had a single drop of any kind of alcohol or sodas in my system during the great fall.I mention sodas because it is believed here in 9A that Sawmtea used to get drunk if he drinks a whole 25ml of coke or if he drinks his bisleri straight up.But,you've gotta ask him about that.Anyway,Happy New Year to all my friends out there and just for Biteii....i know i haven't called you coz i'm not exactly sure of your day off,i was very happy when i saw your sms....a big Congratulations!!!! and come soon with wines and if you come with wines,i'll share mine...thats how generous i am.

Okay,here's what i've been doing during the new years and after all the celebrations.

The one on the left is my favorite waiter,his name is sunil. He looks younger than his actual age,he is one friendly chap and he makes the workplace fun. I think it was taken around 1:30 AM 1st jan.hehehe

Now,this is after new year,the stray puppies were kicked out by the landlord's nephew because they were starting to make some noise and poop all around their yard,we have to take them in again.But,they are very very very cute and now we found a good home for all of them.I would like to add,it makes me very happy to be able to look after them.

I'm bored now and i'll continue later ,if i feel like it. :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I wish all my friends and loved ones all over the world a merry christmas and a very happy new year. I always associate christmas with a decorated christmas tree and a fireplace,in mizoram we have "meilum"(Tawia calls it a portable fireplace).I really miss the times when we sit around the "meilum" and talk about each and everything which comes into the mind at that time.It was always a favorite pass time of mine during the season.Here are a few different pics i've taken which makes me miss home a bit.
Well...this fireplace reminded me of the fireplace at home,minus all the fancy coverings hehe. This one looks too good to really sit close and get cozy.

And this tree stands in the lobby at the hotel where i'm working.If i was hired to decorate it,it would look much better.haha. But i love the size of the tree.
And i like this tree for its decor, looks very christmassy.OMG!! i really miss my friends Azara(Runa),Allan Para,Huna(Chertea),Remruata,Hmunsanga,Vanhruaia,Vidpuia,Zoa,Malawma and my sis Nuni...without them christmas is never the same anymore. I really hope and pray that i would be able to spend at least one christmas again with them.

Thats all for this christmas.Love ya all and prayers to all of you wherever you are.